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Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2


NFS is a game you still do not understand not habit. Most of my friends go crazy for the NFS Hot Pursuit, this game is a game worse than saying Porsche'dan spite of a sound from inside the game had to go and tell me to take. Fortunately told, because thanks to this game, my passion is racing against the game appeared.


I think this game better than previous versions. Because in the game call you, miss you have a soul. Reduce the number of cars in the course of the game has not made a very bad effect, as well as EA Games game also offers the possibility to download new cars. New cars from the official site of the game you will be in the game allows continuously. The worst part of the game you can not upgrade your car was. Thus simulation has ceased to be. EA? Of did not understand why such a thing, because NFS is a simulation game in previous games had a very engaged.


Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2, according to the ancient game of the series a little more simplified. But this game was a good development. In this way the game is not only the fans are right that everyone can play comfortably.

Hot pursuit in the game, championship and single race to play as three different single player modes you can have. Of these modes is the best hot pursuit. Gives its name to this game mode, thanks to all the excitement of the game you can. In this mode, respectively, would enter the race, trying to beat your competitors during the race at the same time challenging the police are trying to get rid of. In addition, artificial intelligence, superior to other games of the series that can not pass without specifying. The cops can not catch in the normal way to understand the different ways they are hit head. Among these helicopters on call, to the middle of the road, the worst road barrier installation and flooring nail head at the time is coming. The only way to escape the path of the nails have room to go and hit the police car, but often there will be nail does not come to your mind and your tires burst, and then eliminated from the race. In addition, in some parts of this mode, you have police and others are chasing. I think the most enjoyable moments of the game goes chasing another one.

Part of the game in the championship with one race into the same logic, the car would earn points and roads. The only difference is when the race does not pesinizde police. The money you earn and the points you're wondering I tell you what to do. If the roads and a lot of work involved, but I can not open the car would you say buy them.

Good, but the graphics in the game modes, each at a price of something as good here as well to make full graphics on a computer you need. Although 800X600 resolution, even if you can play the game comfortably for greater resolution of detail form you will need a strong makineya. After the accident damage looks extremely impressive. Damage of a car to get though, you have to really work.


NFS: HP2, graphics, and successfully passed Oynanabilirlik the music and sounds are now at the time. A racing game that can be placed using the most appropriate music had. Getting started with the race at that moment the name of music played can be seen in the lower left corner of the screen. The game engine and other surround sound audio to nothing so much as I can. As with the previous version was successful. With generating music would lean over Gaza gas.

As a result of this game for the fans he will play a new game for me a very good alternative. The number of cars in the game a score of minus may be reduced to 21 but all of the license to import cars into the game adds a plus pts. In many parts of the game has features that can be plus minus. Everyone at least once to take this game should play.


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Rizky2009 on 3 Februari 2010 03.29 mengatakan...

pertamax aja dech... aq bukan pecinta game soalnya\\

d tunggu coment dan kunjungan baliknya kawan

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